Unfortunately, our sweet girl still isn’t feeling it today.

She didn’t sleep well due to a stuffy nose.

This morning she woke up with mucus, a tinge of a bloody nose on one side, and plenty of “mocos” on the other.

She had a fever this morning that stayed away until late this afternoon.

The doctors decided to go ahead and run a viral swab to see if she had anything going on there.

We got those results back already and all were negative! Not even a cold.

Her bacterial labs are still showing no growth.

So, we don’t really have answers as to why she’s feeling so crummy.

Unfortunately, they said the mucus is something that can present itself for a while over the first 100 days.

We’re really hoping it doesn’t last that long.

We’re also really hoping she wakes up feeling better tomorrow. We absolutely hate seeing her so sad. She’s slept a lot today and hasn’t been eating much

.Unfortunately, it comes with the bone marrow transplant “territory.”

Keep lifting our sweet Avi up. We’re hoping it’s just some residual mucus and nothing that delays her healing.

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