We know. Her lips again.

The blow-by oxygen really dries out her lips, so with the nose cannula, they are beginning to improve.

She’s been fever free for over 24 hours!

Basically, she hasn’t had a fever since they began the antibiotics yesterday afternoon.

Also, once starting the antibiotics, her wound has been healing well.

There’s been a lot of pain management today. She’s just been uncomfortable.

They’ve given us back the button for her pain meds, and have stopped her weans for now.

They don’t want to add any withdrawal symptoms on top of her infection symptoms.

In good news, she’s been taking in fluids well today! Both water and formula.

Obviously she won’t be coming home tomorrow. And most likely won’t be home by Thanksgiving.

The doctors want to keep her on the VOD medicine for another week; so through Thursday or Friday.

We definitely want her well before anything else.

Just as we’ve done several times this year, we’ll pivot and celebrate after she gets home.

Right now, we’re simply glad to see her improving. Happy her fever seems to be gone.

And grateful that she was able to find some relief today while she watched her favorite movie: Moana.

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