Avery had to have some extra sedative pushes overnight to keep her asleep, but she slept well enough.

She’s been trying to open her eyes and move around since they sedated her yesterday.

We had to wait for the care team to round, but we’ve already had quite a busy morning.

Here are my notes:

  • We took her off paralytics just after 11AM (CST) to see how she will do off of them
  • Going to start weaning her off the vent, as well to see how she tolerates it
  • Inserted an NG Tube so we can continue to wean off TPN
  • There’s still a small bit of fluid moving around her lungs, so we keep repositioning her to move it around as we wait for it to resolve
  • Took an EKG to check on her heart
  • Removed her Foley catheter
  • Her wound in the diaper area is looking much better
  • BMT team’s “best guess” is a possible mucus plug in her throat may have caused yesterday’s episode (but we still don’t know for sure)
  • Her team seems confident she’ll make a full recovery; won’t know more until she wakes up

So far, she’s doing great off the paralytics! Once thing we’re watching on her vent is the volume of O2 in her lungs.

Under paralytics she was getting 50-60. Without she’s now getting in the 70’s which is EXACTLY on target for her weight.

Meaning, her lungs are working as they should be off the paralytics.

We’ll continue to monitor and turn down her vent settings based on how she does throughout the day.

This girl! Everyone is incredibly pleased with how well she’s doing.

I can assure you that we, her family, can’t wait to see her back to 100% and know that’ll well continue to have our hands full going forward.

There’s going to be no stopping our Avi!

And YES, her Music Therapist was the first one up to see her yesterday and played a soft guitar lullaby melody because she (and the rest of us) knows how much Avi loves music!

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