First, Avery is doing well today.

She started off the day a bit “moody” but has since changed her tune.

By “moody” I simply mean she didn’t want to be touched (more so than normal).

Each time her nurse even came close to the bedside, Avi would get aggravated.

After a good nap and plenty of quiet time (no one bugging her), she was in a much better mood this evening.

In fact, when Mom stopped by for a visit Avery was doing her best to dance and we’re pretty sure we saw a smile.

Why the late update?

Well, it was one of those “disappointing” days I guess. Not in Avery or anyone really, just in the situation.

We were fully hoping (and had high expectations) for extubation today…but it didn’t happen.

Sure, there’s a small chance that it could still happen, but we had wished the day would have gone differently.

Instead, we made the best of the day with Avery.

She was still doing her best dance and playing with her favorite toys despite the vent.

We remind her (and ourselves) that she’s still technically sedated.

Basically, she’s laughing in the face of the sedation meds now. They’re just keeping her chill.

As for her vent, she passed both tests overnight and has been in CPAP mode most of the day.

This means she’s doing most of the breathing with the vent giving her a bit of help.

So, once again, we’re just watching and waiting. Truly hoping we can get this vent out by tomorrow!

Keep hoping and praying with us for EXTUBATION!

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