BMT DAY +48 | ICU DAY 11

That smile when you wake up and realize it’s Mom standing beside you!

She was asleep when Mom arrived at the hospital today, so we transferred her over and she finished her nap on Mom.

She woke up to OT ready to play, looked over and saw Mom, and gave her a big smile!

She’s had such a great day!

She slept for a good 9 hours last night.

All of her numbers and vitals look amazing.

She woke up dancing and smiling.

She is showing so many signs that “our Avery” is coming back!

And, even more good news…WE’RE BACK IN BMT!

This morning, and even into the afternoon, we were told there would most likely be no beds in BMT still.

Just before 4pm, our nurse came in, said she’d been watching the discharges on the floor all day, and sent a message as soon as she saw a bed open up.

We’re so excited to be back on our floor with all of our favorite nurses.

Our home away from home.”

Now what?

We need to get her eating.

Get her completely off the last sedative she’s on (it’s a slow weaning process).

Make sure she’s hitting all the BMT benchmarks so we can go HOME!

Yes, we have a tentative date. But, if we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s not to get a hard date set in our head.

As we’ve all seen, things can change quickly.

So, we’re going to keep pushing through and get Avery over the last few humps so she can be home with our family by Christmas!

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