Avery spiked a fever overnight and we’ve been chasing the culprit ever since.

We started her on an antibiotic late last night. Changed it this afternoon. Added a “big gun” this evening.

The main concern has been her heart rate. It’s been spiking into the 200s.

Her blood pressures are all over, although a bit more stable now.

Her respiratory is up and down. She’s still fighting the mucus.

No feedings today after she threw up (again) early this morning.

Finally, just about an hour ago, we got an “answer” to at least start making a plan of action.

One of her bacteria growth labs came back positive showing an infection. The same one she had in October.

It’s one of those that grows on a healthy skin no problem, but when you’re immunocompromised, it causes an infection.

So, we’re hoping to see some improvement over the next 48-72 hours. The next 24 are most crucial.

We’d like to avoid another trip to ICU, but our top priority is getting our girl healthy so she can come home!

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