How I wish I could be as oblivious to everything going on around me as sweet Avi.

She’s still spitting up a small bit of mucus, blood-tinged…But she’s also still dancing and smiling.

Her hemoglobin counts are still dropping as well, so GI came in today and we have a plan for tomorrow.

She’s been NPO today and has an exploratory procedure scheduled for the morning with the GI team.

Since she’s finally stable, they’re going to go in with a scope to look for any possible sources of the bleeding.

They’re looking for any lesions, ulcers, or signs of GVHD (which can present itself in the gut).

They ran a few other “blood labs” today that didn’t show anything concerning, so those three things are our main focus.

She’ll get blood and platelets in the morning to prep for the procedure.

And we hope to know something by the afternoon (beyond any biopsies they may take during the scope).

We’d love to find the source of her bleeds so we can move one more step closer to home.

Finally, please continue to keep Mom lifted. She had a follow up today with her PCP and they found totally different results than the ER/last hospital.

So, she’ll meet with her own GI team tomorrow afternoon.

We’d love to find an (easily treatable) reason behind all of her pain and issues right now too.

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