“Someone” made an executive decision on the NG Tube today. Avery!

When she woke up this morning, the tape holding it was loose.

Before the Nurse could come in and fix it, Avery yanked it out.

So… They didn’t put it back in today since she isn’t getting any feeds right now, and we’re hoping it doesn’t go back in.

She’s taking her oral meds great and, as soon as she is able, we can try more feeds by mouth.

The GI appointment today? It was rescheduled to tomorrow.

The GI Team is leaning towards a possible lesion causing the bleeding, and the best person to fix anything wasn’t able to fit Avery in today.

Meaning, the GI team CAN fix any lesion they find, but, because Avery’s platelets aren’t “amazing,” they want the best person for the job… and he’s available tomorrow.

Therefore, she’s on the schedule for tomorrow morning.Hopefully they can find what’s causing the bleeds.

Speaking of GI, Mom and I went to her GI appointment today and felt a lot better walking out of there.

After reading through all of her charts from last week, the GI Dr firmly believes she has/had a gastrointestinal infection.

The one small dose of antibiotic the hospital gave her, then sent her home, most likely did nothing to fully treat an infection (that they never said she had).

So, he started her on both antibiotics and probiotics to help clear the infection.

He’ll check in again in a month and see how she feels.

He also told her whereas most people can get this type of infection and not feel the way she did for this long, the amount of stress she’s under can definitely extend and exacerbate the issue.

Hopefully Mom is on the mend, we can find out more about what’s going on with Avery’s gut tomorrow, and we can get home “soon.”

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