Even Avery enjoys watching her Reels.

She had to get another PIV in her foot today, so this kept her calm so we could get it done.

Why the PIV?

We had to start a new medicine this afternoon to try to stop the bleeding in her stomach.

Let’s just say we almost ended up in ICU around 3:30am.

Her blood pressure dropped to 50s/20s and her hemoglobin was cut in half from the previous draw.

We did two bags of blood, platelets, and a steroid bolus to get her blood pressure back up.

It was a very anxious couple of hours.

Fortunately, she seems to be doing better today. Dancing and smiling.

Plus, she only had one dirty diaper today, although it did have fresh blood.

As far as results from yesterday’s procedure, they no longer believe it’s GVHD.

This means we’re basically back to square one.

We’re trying to get the bleeding under control and help get her stable.

The GI team is waiting on results from viral smears to see if it’s a virus.

Or it could be side effects of a medicine(s).

We’re looking into another suggestion we received. Just grasping for straws on what it could be.

An answer would help us put together a treatment plan.

Everyone is encouraged that Avery is feeling well and still dancing. We’re continuing to search for answers so we can get our girl healthy.

Not sure “home for Christmas” is going to happen, but it won’t be the first time we’ve moved a holiday for Avery.

We just want her home and healthy. Whenever that will be.

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