Look at this happy girl!

She’s had another great day. In fact, she was able to start a clear liquid diet today!

So far, her Christmas meal has consisted of water and jello (although the latter was not a hit with her).

Tomorrow, if she does well with the foods on her tummy today, they can start weaning off her stomach medicine.

This is the medicine they started to help stop the bleeding.

It runs continuously until they feel like the bleeding has subsided.

She hasn’t show any more blood in her stools, her hemoglobin is holding steady, and she hasn’t needed around-the-clock oxygen, so all signs she’s improving.

The only thing they’re continuing to closely monitor at this time is her rash.

If it doesn’t show improvement by Monday, they’ll talk to Dermatology and see if they need to do a biopsy to make sure it’s GVHD.

Let’s hope it’s not another symptom of something else popping up.

We’re so close to getting her well enough to come home!

Otherwise, she’s had a good Christmas. Big Sis spent a lot of time with her on the phone this morning and she loved opening her gifts.

New toys are always a bonus!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

The gift of love.

The gift of peace.

The gift of happiness.

May all these and more be yours this holiday season.


Avery & Family

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