If you watched our Stories today, you would have seen Avery standing up (while holding the couch).

She’s working hard to become mobile now that she’s feeling better and not hooked up to leads, oxygen, or her pulse ox.

She also did well with drinking apple juice today (still on a clear diet), so they’ve turned down her stomach medicine again.

She could be completely off it tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, the dermatology team will come take a look at her rash.

They’re currently taking pictures of it twice a day on her face to monitor, plus this evening Mom noticed a small pinpoint rash on her arms and legs.

They’ll decide tomorrow if it’s definitely Skin GVHD and whether not they’ll start oral steroids in addition to the topical ones we’re currently using.

Otherwise, she’s doing well. Mom says she’s “hyper” which is fabulous to hear!

One day at a time as we work to get her home!

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