Notice her face? The Skin GVHD is clearing up and looks much better on her face, legs and arms.

Her hemoglobin did fall below her 8.0 threshold, so she received blood this morning.

BUT, it was the first time she’s needed blood in over a week!

Even pre-stomach issues, that was normal.

Plus, by the evening CBC labs, it was all the way back up to 9.9!

Not to mention, her platelets are trending up (179), so that’s good too.

Plus, since her hemoglobin is holding and she hasn’t had any blood on her stools, she can progress to diluted formula tomorrow.

(If her morning labs still look good).

They want to take it slow to make sure her gut has plenty of time to heal and we don’t overwhelm it.

We’re okay with taking it slow, allowing her body to fully heal, so we can bring her home… to stay!

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