Absolutely love her sweet face.

Love seeing her making her way back…bit by bit.

Avery’s days at the hospital are spent dancing, playing, sleeping, and simply “being.”

She’s doing well, her hemoglobin is holding, and her other counts are also on an upwards trend.

She was able to do OT and Music Therapy today.

She found a new toy to hold onto and is doing her best to just enjoy her days at the hospital.

She wasn’t too interested in the formula today, but she wasn’t interested in the juice either.

She’s still on 24-hr TPN, so we’re not sure how she’s supposed to have much of an appetite with all her nutritional needs already being met.

We’ll keep trying and see when she decides to eat.

Her Speech Therapist said she’s ready to eat; it’s just waiting for her appetite to kick in.

Until then, we’re staying focused on helping her continue to heal. One more week until her next endoscopy!

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