If you’ve watched our Instagram Stories, you already know our news for the day.

To summarize, it appears Dad contracted COVID-19 between the hospital and their apartment on Thursday.

While together for Christmas, Papa and Dad switched out so Dad could spend Big Sis’ birthday and Christmas morning with her.

I spent half of Christmas Eve with Papa and Avery.

By the time we all went home Sunday, Dad and Big Sis tested positive.

Papa and I + our 3 at home all tested negative.

So Papa switched with Mom so she could test.

By Monday, everyone but Papa and I, were positive.

Avery was also tested and negative. She and Papa were moved to isolation.

This morning, waiting the recommended 5 days, Avery was tested again… and was still negative!

All this to say, it’s been an incredibly challenging, intensely stressful week.

Because everyone who is eligible is both vaccinated + boosted, symptoms have been minimal.

Big Sis had the highest fever spikes since she can’t get vaccinated, and she slept a lot.

Today is the first day everyone has been feeling better and out of bed most of the day.

We’re so fortunate that Papa and I were able to stay negative so that Avery could have one of us there.

Papa will remain at the hospital until Mom & Dad get 2 negative tests. And no less than 10 days from their first positive.

Papa and Avery have had a good week together, and are bonding well.

Papa has been able to get Avery to drink/eat a little more each day. Her rash is clearing.

She’s been playing and dancing, oblivious to the craziness going on.

We’ve been to afraid to “put anything into the universe” until we knew Avery was okay.

Hopefully this is the last “hump” to get over before her next endoscopy next Thursday.

Thank you for continuing to lift Avery; we definitely saw it working this week!

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