Avery was clearly not amused by the New Year’s glasses Papa put on her.

Although she was asleep for midnight fireworks outside the hospital window, she was awake at 3am for a bit.

Anyways, yesterday Avery was given a medication to boost her immune system since her ANC was nearing 500.

Later in the afternoon, she had a bit of blood in her stool.

Today, after seeing a large jump in her WBC and ANC from the medicine yesterday, we saw those numbers level back out… and her hemoglobin fall.

Apparently the medicine, in addition to rising her WBC and ANC, can also lower her platelets.

After consulting with both our GI Team and the Boston team, it was decided that she needed the immune boost despite the risks.

Fortunately, her hemoglobin leveled back out this afternoon, and we haven’t seen any more bloody stools.

Her endoscopy is scheduled for Thursday, so we’ll know more about her GAVE condition then.

She still hasn’t had a blood transfusion in a week, so things are holding steady (hopefully).

Otherwise, she and Papa spent a lot of time playing today. She’s trying to get up into a crawl position and is doing great at trying to get mobile.

Finally, she’s almost taken 3oz today which is double from yesterday… so that’s a win!

One small step at a time.

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