BMT Day -8 | Busy Prep Day

The day got started early with Avery’s Central Line insertion in her chest.

The Central Line allows them to, once again, have two lumens for therapy.

For example, this means they can run chemo meds and blood products at the same time.

They’ve also had a revolving door of doctors, nurses, therapists and other transplant-specific care team members.

Although we’ve been in the BMT Unit since CAR-T, the fact that she’ll now be getting her bone marrow transplant means some protocols change for her.

For one, she won’t be able to leave the unit.

Before, she could leave the sanitized, locked safe environment of the unit.

Now, her walks with be laps around the halls inside the unit.

And she can only visit with her nurses on the floor.

There are TONS more rules and regulations with BMT, all in the name of keeping her and the other post-transplant kiddos safe.

Tomorrow Avery starts Conditioning Chemo.

This will completely wipe out her immune system by killing all of the cells in her bone marrow.

She has a week of chemo prior to transplant day.

We’re now BMT-8 days until transplant.

C’mon, Avery! You got this.

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