Today has been a day of rest for our sweet girl.

As you can see by the picture below, her IV pole is growing branches.

IV pole is growing branches

Most of her oral meds have been moved to the IV, except for two.

She received platelets this morning and a medicine that helps her pee more often.

(They are trying to get rid of some of the fluid retention in her body before engraftment.)

Plus, they added one more new med for stomach cramps

.And, finally, she’s on a constant pain medicine pump, so that means she has to have leads on to monitor her heart rate and respiratory all day.

Her care team has told us we would start going through the hardest days around this time as her body begins to head into engraftment.

Continue to lift her up in the days ahead. All of the chemo, meds, and transplant itself are taking their toll on her little body.

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