With an early start, Avery has been resting most of the day.

Of course, being under anesthesia has a part to play in that as well.

The GI Team was incredibly encouraged by what they saw during today’s Endoscopy.


That’s right. Her gut showed no more signs of the Watermelon Stomach!

It looks like the last treatment, coupled with letting her stomach rest, worked!

This was such encouraging news to hear this morning.

They did find a small bleeding ulcer at the base of her stomach though.

They were able to clip, cauterize, and spray it with hopes it stops the bleed.

Two good things about the ulcer:

  1. It’s much easier to treat than GAVE
  2. It offers an explanation for the 1 point drop she had in hemoglobin after only 12 hours yesterday

They ran several tests, checking her TMA and other areas for a reason behind the blood loss and came up empty.

We’re hoping this ulcer explains it and we won’t see another drop like that.

Now, our main objective is getting her back to eating.

The goal is 10 oz by Sunday. 6oz tomorrow. 8 on Saturday. 10oz on Sunday.

Papa said he’s going to do his best!

Once we get her eating, and with nothing else popping up, we can bring her home!


You got this, Avi!

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