Her expressions nowadays may not always show it, but Papa said Avery had a great day!

They played in the floor.

Danced to her songs.

Took a good nap.

Plus, she’s already taken 4 oz and is on schedule for at least 2 more before bed.


She’s actually been eating great all day and appears eager to eat.

She’s back on regular formula (not diluted), so not sure if she likes it better or her appetite is just returning.

Either way, considering her next hurdle to jump over before coming home is eating, this is a big win!

Tomorrow we’ll be aiming for 8 oz and then 10 oz on Sunday.

Then on Monday, depending on how she does this weekend, we can talk about how to get her home.

The GI team said she looks great and they’ll feel comfortable releasing her if she can hold her hemoglobin steady for 3 days.

In fact, the GI Specialist said he doesn’t anticipate needing to go back in. That would be the best case scenario.

She doesn’t have therapy on the weekends, so it gives us more time to focus on feedings.

Let’s do this, Avi!

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