After 14 long days, 3 days of antibiotics, and 2 negative tests, look who’s back at the hospital!

Papa officially handed over the baton to Mom and Dad for the last stretch of this relay.

Avery wasn’t sure what to think when she first saw Mom, but she was ready to cuddle once she realized what was happening!

We weren’t sure it was going to happen today, but remained hopeful.

After the second negative, the official “okay” came down and Mom and Dad took off for the hospital.

As for Avery’s progress, she’s already to 8 oz of formula + 1oz yogurt… only 2oz more to reach her goal.

They’ll be lowering the caloric count of her TPN tomorrow and we’ll keep working towards getting her back to a regular eating schedule.

Then, just a few more things to mark off to come home!!

Let’s get this done!

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