Look at that smile.

Avery had a great full day with Mom & Dad back at the hospital.

She’s 1/2 way to her eating goal for the day and still has 2 more feedings scheduled.

We’ve been able to add 2oz of formula each day and she is tolerating them well.

Her TPN will be brought down to 12 hours tonight, so it’ll run from 9pm to 9am, giving her all day tomorrow off.

Hopefully this means two things:

  1. More room for her oral feedings
  2. Less fluids in her body which equate to better lung expansion and less need for supplemental oxygen

PLUS… more of her IV meds are being changed over to oral doses!

Only 3 are left on IV and can be easily moved to oral and weaned from home.

PLUS… her TMA is showing improvement and she’ll only need that medicine twice a month (at clinic).

Y’all! This means we’re truly making the changes necessary to BRING HER HOME!

She’s eating well. Taking her medications orally. And improving overall.

Keep lifting her up and let’s get Avi home!


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