This has been Avery most of the day. Asleep.

After sleeping a lot yesterday as well, she had an EKG first thing this morning.

The good news, is that the Cardiologist didn’t find anything seriously concerning with her heart.

It does still show a small bit of fluid around the heart (pericardial effusion) and looks a small bit larger than her last EKG, but that was done weeks ago.

Again, not enough to cause concern, but they’re going to recheck either tomorrow or Monday, based on how the rest of tonight goes.

They’ll be able to get a better, more accurate, comparison with today’s results.

They may also do a CT Scan on Monday to check her lungs and heart once more.

Additionally, they ran a virus panel this evening to make sure there isn’t an infection causing her to be so tired.

Thankfully she tested negative for COVID-19, Flu and RSV.

Finally, the BMT team said it is “normal” for transplant kids to just be tired.

That’s she been playing/dancing so hard the last few days, and with little reserve, she is just tired and catching up on rest.

We’d like to think she’s just resting up for the trip home and she’ll be good to go soon!

It’s definitely been a stressful day as we continue to check things off the list of causes for her lethargic mood.

Really hoping she is more alert and playful tomorrow.

Please keep lifting her up.

We truly hope this is her last hurdle.

10 days from our +100 milestone!

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