Look who is well rested and ready to play today!

If nothing else, Avery sure likes to keep us all on our toes.

She even had one of her 3am dance parties she normally reserves for Papa and I.

Other than her usual 4 hr afternoon nap, she’s been awake and playing today.

She’s still trying to pull up in her bed and running circles around her discovery table here.

Unfortunately, she still hasn’t taken anything by mouth yet today (she tried this morning but threw up).

They’re checking the position of her NG Tube and then will try feeding her by mouth afterwards.

Her NG feedings are turned up to make sure she’s getting the nutrients she needs in the meantime.

Going into the weekend, they’ll continue to focus on getting her back to eating and weaning meds.

Everything has been switched to oral meds now, but she has to wean off meds like Methadone and Seroquel.

Fortunately, they can all continue to be weaned from home. The oxygen included.

They’ll do another ECHO on Monday, but the BMT team doesn’t think she’ll need the CT Scan now.

Hopefully everything holds steady over the weekend so we can start working on all the “loose ends” on Monday to get her home!

If all goes well, she should be home by the end of next week!!

Just before her 100 days (1/23)!


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