Sweet Avi.

We’re always grateful for slow, easy days.

The most exciting part of the day at the hospital was when there were a few snow flurries falling outside the window.

Well, that and the fact that AVERY HASN’T BEEN ON OXYGEN ALL DAY!!

She woke up with her cannula out of her nose (typical for her really) and her sats looked great.

So, they decided to see how she did without it and she’s been holding steady around the 96/97 mark!

Go, Avi!

Oh, but the least exciting part? Avery continuing to throw up.

After making sure the NJ Tube was properly placed and taking note of her other symptoms (yawning then gagging, dilated pupils, shaking, runny bowel movements), they’ve decided the nausea is most likely part of the methadone wean.

Therefore they’re slowing the wean, which is already minute, to see if that helps her symptoms.

She does seem to be doing better today.

More awake. Playing. Dancing. Even shaking her head and saying, “uh-huh.”

Her tube feedings are still working for her and she’s not throwing them up (her NJ Tube bypasses her stomach), so she’s not losing any nutritional value.

Speaking of her feeds, Mom and Dad are currently handling all of her tube feedings and medications… under nurse supervision.

The plan this weekend is to continue to teach them to do everything for Avery that she will need done at home.

Mom and Dad will need to know how to manage all of Avery’s care at home, so training has begun.

There’s plenty of anxiety and excitement as we begin to plan for Avery to come home this week.

She’s been in the hospital over 3 months and we’re so ready to bring her home!

Keep BELIEVING with us this week!

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