Happy 15 month birthday, Avery!

Let’s hope this is her last birthdayto ever spend in the hospital.

She’s spent all but 4 “birthdays” in the hospital over the last 15 months.

Today she’s doing well! Playing, trying to crawl AND pull up to standing.

She had Music Therapy and always loves continuing the music play after her session.

Papa and I stayed with Avery last night so Mom and Dad could go home to finish prepping their new house before Avery comes home.

Of course, that meant we were up from 3-6am. It’s always a late night dance party when we’re there.

But, at one point during the party, I noticed Avery chewing pretty good on her fingers.

Took a look and realized she had her top 2 teeth, one molar broken through, one just breaking in, and another about to break through.

So, on top of everything else, she’s been cutting 5 teeth over the past week or so too.

As far as getting her home, her ECHO yesterday showed that the fluid around her heart is improving.

As a reminder: she’s been off oxygen since last Thursday.

Her CT scan today showed that her lungs look great!

And they decided they want to do 1 more additional ECHO tomorrow just to make sure her heart still looks good. (Can’t say we understand the need for this one, but whatever it takes to get her home).

Oh, and they also had to put her tube back in today.

Late yesterday evening she threw up quite a bit of mucus and her tube came out with it.

Because it was late, and she would have to lay still for 3-4 hrs for the process, they decided to wait until this morning to reinsert it.

She took all 27 mL of her medicines orally… plus drank 2 oz of formula, 2 oz of apple juice, and an oz of water!

In fact, she SUCKED the straw of the honey bear bottle for the first time!

Typically the liquid has to be squeezed into her mouth, so this was the first time we’ve seen her actually suck the straw.

She’s continued to do well with the straw (and her oral meds) all day.

Finally, the pharmacy has begun filling all of her medicines for home!

We don’t have them all yet, but we do have a lot.


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