We’ve been praying for this day for 105 days that the emotions of it all are truly hard to express.

We’ve been optimistically cautious in accepting it was true.

Each time we say we’re coming home, something would happen to delay us.

Even this week! Late Sunday evening they moved her Port procedure to Tuesday instead of Monday.

They said if she needed O2 after the procedure, they’d keep her an extra day (putting us at Thursday).

She didn’t need O2, so yesterday’s NP decided she needed ANOTHER ECHO before going home.

She wanted us to get the ECHO today, wait for it to be read, go home Thursday.

NO! We’re leaving today!!

We packed our bags and had them waiting overnight.

Got the ECHO done. Got some blood to make sure her counts stay good. Got her TMA medicine.

Had her pump delivered. Picked up the rest of her prescriptions. And said a tearful goodbye to some of our favorite team members.

Surprising our family with her arrival was the best part of our year so far!

Here’s to making memories for the next 346 days of this year… AT HOME!

Thank you all for continuing to BELIEVE alongside us to get our girl home.

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