baby playing with wrist rattle

First, the numbers:

  • WBC – 20.2
  • hemoglobin – 7.2
  • platelets – 18
  • uric acid – 2.4
  • potassium – 3.7

She has already received a bag of platelets, but didn’t have to get any all weekend.

Avery slept really well last night. And she is still nursing really well.

She wet through her diaper for the second time in 24 hours, which is good considering that’s how her body is getting rid of the “bad stuff.”

She was a little cranky yesterday, mostly uncomfortable. They began Tylenol to help with any pain she may be having from the medications.

(Because Leukemia is a blood disease, the therapy can cause pain in the bones and joints).

The Tylenol really seems to help because she goes right back to her happy little self once that kicks in.

She really likes her new wrist toys! Daddy said this butterfly was her favorite yesterday.

We have more ideas for her on an Amazon Wish List.

We expect to hear from her Head Oncologist today about the specifics of her therapy this week.

There’s still some question about which day the more aggressive therapy will start, so looking for confirmation on that.

Plus, we still haven’t heard the results of the spinal tap. Those results will also affect the direction of some of the chemo drugs.

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