Happily Ever Avery Comfortable and Sleeping Most of the Day

Sweet girl.

Since coming back down to BMT, she’s been much more comfortable.

In fact, she’s been sleeping most of the day.

The morphine drip seems to be keeping her comfortable and her Tylenol is back on some sort of schedule.

Unfortunately her fever still hasn’t broken. It’s currently at 101.8°F.

To our dismay, the Nurse Practitioner said this could last through the week.

But, I asked, and she confirmed, that this is pretty much textbook for what they see with CRS (Cytokine Release Syndrome).

Our goal for now is to keep her comfortable (morphine, Tylenol, cooling pad) until she gets through this.

One final thing, Papa and I have sent Mom & Dad home for some rest.

Now that we’re back on BMT, where we already have clearance, it seemed like a good time to switch.

They both needed to get away for a bit for their own physical and mental health.

So, they are spending time with Big Sis while we hang out with Avery tonight.

Praying they get some much needed rest too.

Our continued prayer for Avery is still that the fever breaks to give her some relief, and that we can keep her comfortable until that happens.

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