Day One of Car-T Therapy Done

Collection Day

Part one of Avery’s day is done.

They were able to get the line inserted in her neck without any issues and her bone marrow biopsy went well.

Day One of Car-T Therapy Done with wooden rattle

Her CBC numbers looked well today (which tells us the cancer seems to be staying somewhat under control), but there were 3.6% blasts today.

Blastssome of you may recall, are the cancer cells. We haven’t really seen any since early January before she went into remission.

Therefore, the doctors aren’t sure what it means yet, and we won’t know more until we get the BMB results back later this week, so please help us pray that it doesn’t change the course of her therapy.

Day One of Car-T Therapy with super simple songs

For today, we’re now waiting on the Carter BloodCare team to do the harvesting; the collection of her blood and T-cells for CAR-T.

These cute pictures were taken before she went downstairs to the OR this morning. She’s pretty groggy now and sleeping.

Hopefully she remains comfortable, and sleepy, during the collection process.

Day One of Car-T Therapy t cell harvesting

If you missed the first post this morning, she will have to lie down for the 4 hours it takes to do the blood draw.

Her T-cell numbers have been high and they are optimistic in believing they should have no problems getting the amount they need.

Prayer requests:

  • positive biopsy results
  • successful collection process
  • comfortable day of rest for Avery
  • able to start therapy without delay
  • peace of mind as we wait

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