baby and young aunt playing on pink blanket

As I mentioned yesterday, Avery is doing so well at home.

She had a bit of a restless night, but still seems to be in a good mood.

Again, the chemo medicine she is taking at home was the only one that seemed to cause adverse reactions at the hospital.

The dosage is a little higher, but she’s had no fever and just seems to be uncomfortable from it.

But, it’s not stopping her from trying to roll and get her thumb into her mouth!

As a side note, Mom is looking for port-friendly clothes.

This romper from Ready Set Romper is great for accessing her PICC line!

Bamboo baby clothes also seem to work well with her due to not being able to always control her body temperature.

Plus, they’re so soft and gentle on her sensitive skin.

If you have any other brands we should check out, please let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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