toddler looking at Christmas tree with mask on

I know our main focus is on Avery’s health and well-being, as it should be, but please keep her Big Sister in your thoughts and prayers as well.

She has never spent more than a night or two away from mom and dad. Her life, too, has been completely turned upside down.

Although she’s used to seeing us every day, we (Ma, PaPa, Uncle + 3 Aunts) cannot replace her mom and dad.

The first whole day she was away from them she started saying, “Momma. Miss. Dada. Miss.”

It’s so hard on her too. Even worse, not only will the idea of a “normal” Christmas almost be completely thrown out the window, but she turns 2 tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.

The day Avery starts her big meds.”

Her birthday party (with just our family due to Covid) had already been planned.

She has a 2 yr check up next week.

She’s potty training.

Cutting teeth.

All the things a 2 yr old should be doing.

But mostly she’s struggling with separation anxiety (just like mom and dad) and really trying to make sense of this new (temporary) normal right now.

So, please just remember her specifically too with your prayers and thoughts.

We sometimes forget that even the siblings can be going through a tough time.

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