Each Day Seems to Get a Little Easier

That sweet face and beautiful eyes.

Avery is feeling well today. Each day seems to get a little easier.

After posting yesterday evening, Avery began vomiting. Repeatedly. To the point of dry heaving. (Which is terrible to watch… especially in an infant).

Two emergency calls to the doctors later, we were finally able to get her medicines to stay down.

She slept well through the night and, fortunately, hasn’t had another episode like that again.

(They believe it’s possibly still withdrawal symptoms or continued side effects of the CAR-T infusion).

They currently have her on around-the-clock nausea meds to help.

She had a (pre-scheduled) clinic appointment today that was simply to check on how she was doing.

Everything looked great so they were in-and-out quickly today.

Here’s hoping she continues to improve a little more each day.

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