First Day of Chemo

Starting Chemotherapy

They just gave Avery two oral meds. One is a another round of steroids that she got earlier… she’ll get them every 8 hours.

Next was a chemo medicine. They said it shouldn’t have any side effects. She’s going to get this one once a day for now.

She sucked them down like a pro and is now cuddling her Dada and sleeping really good. They have to do another evaluation in the next hour and then rounds will be at 7am.

Mom & Dad both just called to talk to big sister. The nurse sent them downstairs to eat while they took Avery’s vitals.

They were unable to get the PICC line in last night, so no transfusion overnight.

This also pushes back the spinal tap for today.

They’ll head back upstairs soon and wait for the Drs to make their rounds to find out more.

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