Happily Ever Avery

Avery’s hemoglobin is 11.7 (aiming for the teens) and her WBC is 18,000 (aiming for under 10K).

Platelets are still a little low (no number given), but not concerning.

Mom was able to nurse Avery for the first time last night! It was good for both of them. It was the first time Mom was able to just hold Avery as well.

The smell of milk would aggravate Avery because she wanted to nurse but couldn’t do so yet.

Mom slept for a little while at the hotel with Big Sister before heading to the hospital to nurse.

Upon arrival, she nursed Avery while Dad slept. They switched off through the night so that both were able to get a better stretch of rest last night.

She said Avery still seems to be handling everything well. They did start her on antibiotics last night as a precaution after yesterday’s procedure.

They said this is normal to ward off any possible infection. She should be on it for a few days.

When she called at 6:30am, they were waiting for the first team of doctors to make their rounds, but Mom said she wanted to make sure to start the day with good news.

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