Focusing on the Positives

Together again!

We’re choosing to focus on the positives!

When Avery was in Dallas for induction (round 1), her “next door neighbor” was also diagnosed with the same form of Leukemia just 6 weeks prior. And he was only a few weeks older than Avery.

The nurses were able to facilitate a meeting for the moms and they’ve remained friends through texting.

When Mom was in the ambulance on the way to Dallas, she texted his mom to let her know they were heading back their way.

Today, they were able to meet up again for a little while and catch up. The babies had a nice little “chat” and Avery just wanted to jump over and hug him.

It always seems to help to have someone else who completely understands what you’re going through to talk to.

Otherwise, Avery slept well last night, seems to be getting much better, and is weaning off of her pain medicines.

She is even doing her best to learn to roll over!

I was able to talk to a Be The Match representative to learn more about the transplant side of things, and hope to share more soon!

Overall, with Avery improving, we’re all feeling a bit better.

Keep praying! We are definitely feeling them and, best of all, THEY’RE WORKING!

Specific prayers:

  • no infections!
  • remissionagain
  • bone marrow match, if needed
  • positive response from insurance
  • for her friend, “Baby T” to go into remission

Please continue to share/donate to the GoFundMe.

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