Happily Ever Avery Groggy Start But a Strong Finish

Look at those smiles! After a groggy start (due to her biopsy) and a few good naps, she had a really good afternoon and evening.

Avery’s ALT and AST numbers (the ones causing concerns with her liver yesterday), dropped considerably overnight! So, that was good news that encouraged the doctors.

This drop + good scan results mean her liver seems to be functioning well.

Avery received platelets overnight, so those numbers are up as well.

Her ANC is still low. We’re hoping this didn’t affect the sample they were able to get during the biopsy today. We won’t know more until the results come in.

Avery also officially went over 16 lbs! She gained over .2kg since yesterday (which is considerable for her) to push her over that 16lb mark.

Needless to say, her love for food is still strong.

Now we wait. Hopefully we are able to get conclusive preliminary results tomorrow and don’t have to wait another week to try again.

Thank you for walking through the trenches with us as we wait.

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