Happily Ever Avery Happy 7 Months!

First things first, HAPPY 7 MONTHS, AVERY!

From Mom:

My little Libra is 7 months old today!!!

Avery likes: cuddles with blankets, long walks to see her nurse friends, being thrown in the air, bananas, Super Simple Songs 24/7, and non stop babbling.

Avery dislikes: being told what to do, blood pressure cuffs, waiting for bottle to warm up, when she can’t eat her toys, watching others eat food if she is not also eating, and physical therapy

Our precious girl has a bone marrow biopsy this Thursday at 8:15am… please send up a prayer, blow a kiss, rub some crystals… whatever you do… that her results say her cancer is minimal (less than 5%) OR that she’s in remission that would be amazing.

She’s all around a perfect baby. She is so loved. So INCREDIBLY loved.

She also had a scan this evening to check on her liver function after seeing a rise in some lab numbers.

Pray those come back favorable as well. We should get those results tomorrow.

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