Happy 8 Months, Baby Girl!


Each month birthday we celebrate I am so proud because she FIGHTS to claim that month.

Her life is lived inside hospital walls and halls. Her best friends are her nurses, PT, doctors and techs.

She is used to having wires attached to her skin 24/7, blood pressures taken every 4 hours, day and night.

She gets sick, she gets sad, she gets extremely bored, but most of the time she is happy.

She is laughing, she is looking for her friends, she is making people’s day, she is a light to the world outside of this hospital.

Today she fell asleep on her own without being rocked for the first time.

I cried… I ran out and told the nurses… ugh.

Tears of sadness because she might be my last baby, and I want to hold her forever.

But also tears of a proud mama of a little baby who is growing up so strong.

I want her to grow to be 110!! and even then she’ll still be my baby.

Happy 8 months, baby girl.

I’m so proud of you and I love you so much.

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