Happy 9 Months, Avi!

On her good days, Avi loves to eat, smile, play with her sister, watch her songs, and is trying to learn to crawl.

She’s slowly making her way back to herself.

The doctors are sure Avery is experiencing withdrawal symptoms; the morphine in particular.

She’s still a little sad, but has some good parts of the day as well.

They’re giving her Hycet to help with the withdrawal and it seems to be working.

In fact, as you can see, she was able to meet up with her friend today!

It’s been a few months since they’ve been able to see each other.

Although she was still a bit timid, he was very excited about seeing Avery.

We’re still hoping she is well enough to come home tomorrow. It’s all up to the doctors, so we’ll see.

Keep praying Avery makes a full recovery soon. We simply want her to feel well again.

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