infant with green bow smiling with mom and grandma holding her in hospital room

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had.”

—Linda Wooten

Mom and I were thrilled to spend the bulk of our day with Avery.

infant with yellow bow on her head laughing at mom in hospital room

Just hanging out with her makes you want to smile. She’s so happy and a joy to be with.

Especially when she’s feeling great and looking good… as she was today.

Laughing at Mom was probably her favorite part of the day.

infant with yellow bow smiling at her mother

Dad took the evening shift so Mom and I could spend time with the rest of our family.

Dinner and a movie… at a local hotel.

happy mother's day 2021 from a hotel room

Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

No matter what today looks like for you, or what it means to you, we hope you all had a day meant for you.

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