She has her First Tooth and New Updates

Avery has cut her first tooth!

Okay, not exactly big news to most, but we were all very excited when we discovered it yesterday.

Plus, it may explain her fighting sleep for the past couple of nights.

It may be even more exciting considering Big Sis cut her teeth very late in the game.

On the medical front, she seems to be doing well.

No more vomiting and she’s eating well.

This week’s clinic (start of chemo) has been moved to Monday.

Two reasons:

  1. the FDA approval may take all week
  2. she has to be off her prophylactic antifungal medication for at least 7 days before starting the new chemo (apparently it can lessen the effect of the treatment)

So, we stopped Vori yesterday and will head back to the hospital on Monday to start the new chemo.

It simply means we have one more weekend of “normalcy” before everything starts again.

Stay safe out there everyone!

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