Her Numbers Have Completely Bottomed Out

One of the easiest ways to capture her smile? Turn your phone camera to selfie mode and let her see the cute baby.

Avery’s numbers are continuing to fall. Her ANC is 40 and her WBC is 0.1. She’s completely bottoming out numbers-wise.

And it’s this complete lack of an immune system that is driving some concerns over her current PICC line.

On Wednesday, Mom & Dad noticed some swelling and redness that her care team began to monitor.

Yesterday, they started her on antibiotics just to be safe.

Today, after another look and more conversation, the Infectious Disease Doctor has decided it’s best to pull the line.

Therefore, either tonight or tomorrow morning they’ll pull out her PICC line and insert a new one (most likely in her arm).

They don’t believe the infection has spread to her blood, meaning it’s just topical, and that we’ve (once againcaught it early.

Sometimes being a hyper vigilant parent truly is best!

This new line will probably only be a temporary fix to finish out the month and let her chest area heal before inserting a new PICC line prior to her CAR-T transfusion.

And Avery?

She just keeps smiling and doing her thing. She’s showing no signs of infection otherwise.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days.

We want to make sure we stop this infection now so it doesn’t have a chance to spread while she remains neutropenic over the next few weeks.

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