Happily Ever Avery High Fever Meant Immediate Admission

After a long night of monitoring, Avery’s fever hit the 100.4°F mark early this morning.

Fortunately, because it was during clinic hours, she was able to bypass the ER and head straight to the oncology floor.

She was given Tylenol and antibiotics before being admitted to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

As we mentioned yesterday, a fever was expected. It’s the body’s natural response to her newly reprogrammed T-cells.

Her Oncologist says her body is working as it should be. Plus, her blood work looks great (ANC is 1200!) All the numbers they are watching are rising which is a good sign!

She will be expected to stay at least 48 hours. Once her fever breaks, they can start the clock for 24 hrs until discharge.

They will also continue to watch for a Cytokine Release Storm (As CAR T-cells multiply, they can release large amounts of chemicals called cytokines into the blood, which can ramp up the immune system causing CRSand any infections that her lab cultures might show.


  • no infections
  • no serious side effects
  • short stay
  • strength for Mom & Dad

Also, please keep Big Sis in your thoughts. She’ll be with me & Papa so Mom & Dad can be with Avery. She knows Avi is back at the hospital and it’s just a lot for a toddler to understand.

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