Happy 1st Birthday at the hospital

Just because she’s spending her first birthday in the hospital…

that doesn’t mean her best friends won’t be there.

Her birthday is tomorrow!

We’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have an amazing team of nurses on this journey.

Most have been there since day one.

They’ve walked Avery (and family) through diagnosis, remission, relapse, CAR-T, remission again…and now bone marrow transplant.

nurses with avery on first birthday

Today we celebrated with her hospital family hoping to take advantage of another good day for her.

With each additional day out from BMT (we’re on Day +2), we know we’ll start seeing more side effects of the transplant.

We took advantage of this moment today and grabbed a photo with some of her favorite nurses.

Just behind the group of nurses, 2 doctors stood waiting to check Avery’s central line.

It started getting a little red today and the redness was stretching up to her neck.

They’ll start her on some antibiotics to try and stop any infection.

Otherwise, she was up and down with emotions today.

Finally, THANK YOU to those who sent birthday gifts!

We brought a couple to the hospital today and will bring more in a few days.

She loved all the fun new toys!

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