I Hate Cancer

This is so hard!

Going to be incredibly vulnerable here. I hate pictures of myself, but I am big on taking photos. I want to capture everything.

Just before this picture was taken today, Avery was smiling and babbling a little.

PaPa grabbed his phone for a picture and then this happened. It was more the norm today.

A few things about our sweet Avery:

  • she is rarely ever sad, hence the name Happily Ever Avery
  • even if she gets upset, it’s normally just a little whining, rarely full-on tears
  • she doesn’t normally like to be held chest to chest, she has always preferred looking outward
  • she doesn’t drool a lot; her shirt was soaked here because it hurts for her to swallow

Today? All of that was flipped upside down. She would be happy and content and then just start to cry the saddest, most miserable cry with huge crocodile tears.

She was only at our house for a couple hours today. I cried when she cried. I’m still crying.

Mom & Dad have to do this on a full time basis.

They called the Oncologist and were given the go ahead to increase Tylenol dosage to every 4 hours instead of 6.

If the pain doesn’t improve, they’ll have to call the hospital, take her to the ER, and get morphine.

Please pray for our precious baby… and for our hearts. This is so hard.


Specific prayer requests:

  • they get her pain under control
  • she starts eating
  • no infections
  • strength and comfort for Mom & Dad

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