Caught this half smile while on FaceTime with our sweet girl today.

Papa said she’s had another really good day!

Avery’s doctors are pleased with her progress.

She’s been dancing in the ICU ever since her mask came off yesterday.

Her blood counts have looked great today, plus her O2, heart rate, and blood pressure have all be perfect!

They hope to continue to wean her off the oxygen overnight and see if she can continue to maintain her levels.

They also started her on 5mL feedings to see if her stomach can handle the feeds.

Last time she began getting sick around 15mL and then 25mL, so this is a “test” of sorts to see how her stomach does.

Otherwise, we hope to get her back to BMT this weekend!

As for Mom, she finally got into a room late last night after 26 hours in the ER.

They did find the “beginning of a bowel obstruction” but she’s been able to avoid surgery.

The first treatment is fasting and she did that for almost 48 hours.

They then went to clear liquid diet, then bland foods.

Because she has been able to hold foods down today, and keep her pain under control, she was just discharged!

Now, let’s hope we can have both Avery and Mom healthy and healed soon.

Thank you all for being here to support us this week.

It’s been one crazy ride and we’re looking forward to, hopefully, a quiet weekend.

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