Happily Ever Avery It's Been a Really Hard Day

It’s been a hard day.

Avery has been pretty content most of the day, she simply hasn’t wanted to be held. We’re sure she probably has some body aches from the fever and infusion.

Speaking of the fever, after being admitted and taking Tylenol, Avery’s fever seemed to stay away for most of the day.

But, about an hour ago, it came back with a vengeance! It hit 103°F and kept climbing. It hit 104.5°F about 15 minutes after her last dose of Tylenol, so they’re doing cold compresses too.

They’ve been monitoring her heart rate with the fever and doing their best to keep her comfortable despite the aches and chills.

This is the highest we’ve ever seen her spike a fever and the worst we’ve seen her feel since Easter.

Please pray her fever breaks soon and she continues to have no other adverse effects.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers.

high fever after CAR-T therapy infusion

UPDATE 9:10pm:

Her fever is back up to 103.8°F. It had dipped down to 100.4° around 6pm, but then started climbing again. They are starting the IV Tylenol now.

UPDATE 10:00pm:

Fever is down to 100.2°F

She is sleeping now. They started a morphine drip to help with body aches and heart rate (it is holding steady in the 140’s).

Dad is going to watch her for an hour to make sure the fever stays down while Mom sleeps before Avi gets her next Tylenol will at 1:00am.

It’s been a really long 24 hours with little rest. Hoping for sleep for everyone tonight.

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