It’s Not Fun Going Through Withdrawals

Going through withdrawals is not fun. Especially when you’re a baby.

This look was after a bit of Ativan. Her initial response was to cry.

For a little while actually.

I’d get her calm then someone would come in and she’d cry again.

Ativan seems to be the “miracle med” of the moment.

It’s the only one that seems to be helping. When she has it, she’s a little more like herself.

Oh, and as you can see by the hospital bed and leads coming off her, she’s not going home today.

High blood pressure readings overnight meant she had to get back on her BP meds and they’ll need to monitor her for a couple more days.

They did an EKG today as well to see how her heart looks.

So, now we’ll wait and see some more and hope we can go home soon-ish.

Until then, we’ll just do our best to keep her comfortable as we figure this all out.

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