infant sleeping in hospital bed with Warmsie elephant

Mom and Dad spent another quiet day at the hospital with Avery.

Fortunately, today was a good day considering tomorrow is another procedure day.

Today she’ll receive some blood since her hemoglobin is nearing 7 and she has an LP and chemo tomorrow.

As a reminder, the LP tomorrow is to not only draw another CSF sample, but to administer more chemo into her spine based on the minute amount of Leukemia cells found there.

Otherwise, Avery is doing her best to sit up unaided (and it obviously is hard work, hence the napping picture).

Her Physical Therapist is going to find exercises to help Avi get up on her knees because she’s really wanting to crawl.

Finally, her Nutritionist came in to talk about Avery’s fluctuating weight (it’s currently down again). She said she’s not really concerned based on her charts.

Avery’s nausea stays mostly under control, but it can definitely have a part in when she eats well and when she doesn’t.

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