Happily Ever Avery Living Through this Past Week has its Pitfalls

Baby steps.

Weaning off meds, trying to eat after not doing so for days, and living through the week she did has its pitfalls.

First, we think she may be experiencing some anxiety due to the trauma she went through over the past 11 days.

High fever for days, a terrible ICU experiencemultiple procedures, scans, x-rays, prods and pokes, it would take its toll on anyone.

She still avoids direct eye contact and has an aversion to loud noises.

Nurses and doctors coming in the room used to be a joy for her, but she’s still a bit hesitant with others right now.

She still enjoys her walks and has been sitting up today.

Big Sis saw these rings at Papa’s house and wanted to bring them to Avery. They’ve been her favorite toy today.

This evening, Mom & Dad were able to get her to smile while playing peekaboo.

She’s slowly evolving back into her regular self. Hoping she makes a full recovery soon.

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